Maude & The Bear


Maude & the Bear, a story-book 1926 Montgomery Ward kit house, has been whimsically re-created as a modern restaurant and inn. The restaurant at Maude & the Bear serves a tasting menu Thursday through Saturday by reservation, as well as a multi-course breakfast for our inn guests only.

Chef Ian Boden started his career in a small family-owned bistro just outside of Washington DC. After college, Ian moved to New York City, working at several prominent restaurants that you may never have heard of. Ready for a change, he moved back to Virginia where he opened a few restaurants, most notably The Shack, which received national acclaim. Ian has been nominated twice for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic by the James Beard Foundation.

Maude & The Bear
Restaurant & Inn
1106 N. Augusta St.
Staunton, VA 24401

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